Executive Resumes and Personal Branding


At Imagemakers, we do one thing better than anyone else in the country. We help you make your next career move faster, more successful and less stressful.

Our pioneering Personal Branding & Marketing approach to job hunting for 6 to 7 figure executives and professionals like you has yielded a 99% success rate. This is no coincidence given Linda Lupatkin's 15+ years of success in executive resume writing and personal branding.

Our customized services (Executive Resumes, Cover Letters, Executive Bios, Web Portfolios, LinkedIn Profiles, Career Search Strategies and Social Media) cut your job search time by as much as 80%, maximizing your search efforts and gaining you tens of thousands in compensation and benefits.


We're much more than just the best executive resume writers in the business. We've set new standards for our industry by providing you with comprehensive, integrated personal branding options (exclusive to Imagemakers) that result in fast, far less stressful and ultimately rewarding job searches.

Our deal closing Executive Bios, cutting edge Web Portfolios and Social Media savvy are unique in our industry and have proven time after time to be game changers for our clients.

In short, we're able to help you achieve a compelling personal brand that dramatically increases your success in a tangible way. Call Linda today at 800-546-1543 to find out how you too can excel in your job search with a polished, powerful personal brand.


Bottom. Line. Results. Simply put, our executive resumes and other personal branding services will facilitate finding your new position faster than you ever imagined possible while gaining the best compensation and benefits package obtainable.

We're privileged and proud to have propelled well over eighteen hundred sucessful clients from across the U.S. and internationally to reach their goals of successful and fulfilling careers. Call 800-546-1543 or email us your resume to kickoff or jumpstart your job search today.

Don't miss this tremendous opportunity to work with Linda and create a winning Personal Brand that will absolutely propel you upward to new heights financially and new levels of satisfaction with not only your career - but quality of life as well.

If you're a successful executive or top professional who wants to differentiate yourself with a strong, compelling Executive Resume and Personal Brand call Linda Lupatkinnow at 800-546-1543 or email your resume for a free evaluation and consultation.

The Imagemakers Philosophy

At Imagemakers we've learned that truly successful individuals ask a different question than ordinary people when it comes to both career and personal success and that question is "Why not me?"

Linda Lupatkin believes just as Zig Ziglar did that "you were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."

We expect you to win with our products, services and strategies because our goal is ALWAYS to make your investment in us the most successful, important and profitable of your life. We take this VERY seriously and it has been the secret of our success.

We are purpose driven to show you that your dream job is not only possible but probable with the right approach, tools, planning and preparation.

The Imagemakers Promise

Our promise to you is "relevance" both now and in the future. With technology and the Internet changing virtually every industry (including our own), we're committed to delivering you contemporary services and products that are relevant today . . . right now . . . this minute.

Over the past 15+ years Linda Lupatkin has been a visionary in the evolution to a personal branding and marketing model for our industry. Our Executive Resumes, Bios, Web Portfolios, Search Strategies and Social Media expertise have become the de facto gold standard for our new digital reality.

You won't find anyone else like us because no one else can accomplish what we do with the services, products and, most importantly, results we offer at the executive, senior and top professional level.

A Personal Experience Matters

Whatever you're looking for in a new position, be it higher compensation and better benefits, a new or bigger challenge or more time with your family, we understand that you're looking to us to help you achieve your career goals, aspirations and ultimately, success in your life.

We understand the enormity of this responsibility, which is the reason we've chosen a business model that lets us work with you in a one on one scenario, leading to the preferred outcome that only a personal relationship can foster.

This, of course, means that we are not a volume based business but rather a premium offering catering to executives and top level professionals who demand both a superior level of service as well as innovative products that yield results. If this sounds like you, give us a call. We can help you get where you want to go.

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