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Executive Resumes and Personal Branding

An impactful executive resume is an absolute necessity for a successful job search and Linda Lupatkin is the premier executive resume writer in the country (see her client testimonials on our Real Client Stories page and on LinkedIn). However, technology, the Internet and the way communication has advanced have completely reshaped the job search landscape over the last decade. We've proven that an effective executive job search can be achieved much more quickly and with unprecedented success by employing a personal branding & marketing strategy as the natural evolution of job hunting in a digital world.

Personal branding and marketing is distinct in tone, scope and strategy and differs in almost every meaningful way from methods used in the past. It incorporates contemporary digital marketing techniques used in business, only at a personal level. Truly effective marketing today is polished, powerful and focused. So why should it be any different when it comes to branding & marketing yourself for your next big career move?

Executive Resume Writer

Our powerful, contemporary suite of products (see our services page) as well as providing you with advanced career search strategies allows you to access business leaders and decision makers from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and everything in between. Go ahead and give Linda a call today at 800-546-1543 to speak with her about your career goals - you've got everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

The Personal Branding and Marketing Difference

Personal Branding and Marketing from Imagemakers is the best way to secure the new position, salary and benefits that you deserve more quickly and with greater success because we understand that the only constant (in both business and life) is change. We believe that to compete at the very highest levels (in any industry) you either evolve and grow or become irrelevant and fade away.

This applies to the advancement of your career as well because Personal Branding and Marketing is distinct in tone, scope and strategy and differs in almost every meaningful way from outdated, unproductive job hunting practices. Personal Branding enables you to articulate your unique value proposition using contemporary digital marketing techniques and tactics already embraced in thriving business environments, only now applied by the savvy executive or professional at a personal level.

Personal Branding and Marketing

Here's another way to think about personal branding. Would you purchase a five year old smart phone (or how about a Blackberry)? Well no, of course you wouldn't. The technology in that old device wouldn't be able to run today's applications and would be slow and inefficient. This analogy holds true for the legacy job hunt. . . slow, inefficient, ineffective and worst of all frustrating and discouraging.

We're here to guide you to a better way to find your next position. Linda's extraordinary Personal Branding and Marketing Strategy Sessions, along with the finely crafted, modern tools we provide, can absolutely get you where you want to go. That is, if you're willing to take the advice of an industry leader and subject matter expert to take the road less traveled. We know that you will find it does make "all the difference" from the overwhelming success our many happy clients enjoy.

Take Charge Of Your Career Today

Taking action and control of your career goals doesn't have to be accompanied by worry or anxiety especially when you're partnered with and in the hands of an expert. At Imagemakers, Linda has a remarkable track record of success with executives choosing to make a move for themselves (more income, new challenges), for their families (more free time and better benefits) and for a bright, secure future.

Linda helps you realize your goals by providing you with a personal experience that's unmatched in our industry. We didn't start Imagemakers to be an e-commerce resume factory or sell books or DVD's.

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Give her a call today at 800-546-1543 and judge for yourself. We're confident that after just one conversation you'll understand why Linda Lupatkin is the most effective, referred, sought after and trusted executive resume writer & personal branding expert in the country.

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