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Executives and professionals know the first step to launching a new business, product or marketing campaign requires developing a strategic plan, providing a roadmap for the project's successful execution. The same holds true for a career move, only in this instance you are the business, the product and the subject of the marketing plan. For this reason, it's essential to not only have compelling marketing collateral and an overarching communication strategy, but to know how to strategically deliver it.

Additionally, many of you have consistently throughout your career been recruited, promoted or built your own businesses and have never actively looked for a new position.

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She coaches you through strategies and tactics, including winning social media techniques; the interview process (it's different when you're on the other side of the table); and works with you to get the best compensation package possible.

Working with Linda, you benefit from her 15+ years of experience working with thousands of executives and professionals, bringing out their most marketable assets, overcoming any career missteps and completing successful career transitions.

Call Linda right now at 800-546-1543 to efficiently and effectively take control of your career: First by building a memorable and compelling personal brand that illustrates the best "you" you can be; and second by applying tactics and strategies that ensure an outstanding outcome leading you to an extraordinary and rewarding career.

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