Social Media

Social Media

In today’s digital reality you have exactly two choices of how to present yourself to the world. You can either remain a mystery and force potential employers and recruiters to dig up whatever they can about you (and they absolutely will). Or you can take control of your online presence and create the personal brand and narrative that YOU want the world to see.

Social Media For Job Searches

While we realize that social media (outside of LinkedIn) may not be something you've thought much about, it should be. Platforms like WordPress (for blogs), Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Instagram and others have become powerful tools for personal branding and marketing. Leveraging just a few of them can showcase your expertise and market you as a leader in your field in a relatively short amount of time. This is especially true thanks to Google's very high search engine rankings of these platforms. With our help, when someone searches you, they'll see what you want them to see, a subject matter expert and outstanding executive they can't live without!

Your Personal Brand Grows With Your Digital Footprint

It cannot be overstated that everything about your online presence from your social media profiles to your articles, tweets and everything you publish are a reflection of exactly who you are as a person. In today's internet based culture this can either be an enormous boost to your personal branding efforts or a detriment, depending on how you choose to navigate these waters.

Social Media Strategy For Job Searches

Our clients who have relied on our expertise are amazed at how much "reputation" and "stature" can be cultivated with potential new employers by deploying an informative blog and/or a few well timed, pertinent Tweets, Quora or Instagram posts.

Using your new found social media skills, you'll be right there controlling your personal story every time someone googles you. Just think of it as your secret weapon and big advantage over your competition who are not willing or don't have the skills to keep pace with you.

Your WordPress Blog

If you have great writing skills, as many of our clients do, a thoughtfully cultivated blog will give your personal brand an enormous boost in credibility and reputation in your area of expertise and/or industry. Your blog, just like your social media accounts, will reinforce and give even more positive information (about you, your knowledge and expertise) to anyone who searches your name on the Internet (which is any and everyone who will be thinking of hiring you).

WordPress Blogs

At Imagemakers, we set-up, host and tutor you on using WordPress to grow your personal brand. WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) for blogs and websites primarily because of its stability and ease of use. We'll have you up to speed and blogging quickly, all you need are some great ideas for your posts and the determination to develop and grow your distinctive personal brand.

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