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Your Executive Web Portfolio

At Imagemakers, we've developed a much better way for you to succeed in your job search. Our exclusive Executive Career Portfolios™ deliver you a sophisticated, powerful, contemporary approach to presenting your accomplishments, successes and career story to the decision makers you're seeking to connect with and impress.

Executive Web Portfolios

Perhaps the most important aspect of your Executive Web Portfolio though is just how advantageous a customized, career focused personal web site can be. With every industry adopting internet based technologies, your web portfolio will work for you in ways that old-school delivery methods just can't compete. It's a better way, it's the future of personal branding & marketing and it's here for you today exclusively at Imagemakers. Call Linda now at 800-546-1543 to get started.

Your Mobile Executive Web Portfolio

We know what you want and your right, this is exactly the kind of bold, forward thinking you've been looking for and our clients absolutely love it. Every one of our desktop Web Portfolios also includes a mobile version in the form of a slick and stylish mobile website application.

Your mobile Executive Career Portfolio allows you to put your accomplishments and career story right in the palm of any decision maker you choose simply by sending a link.

No more "I'll look at it later, I'm away from my desk" - your mobile portfolio allows anyone anywhere to quickly and easily read your executive resume in a format we specifically designed and developed for mobile devices.

No more, "I can't read this pdf on my phone, the print is too small" - your Executive Resume is beautifully laid out for any modern smartphone.

No more, "this Word document formatting is messed up when I try to look at it on my phone" - your Mobile Executive Portfolio is web based and optimized for all mobile web browsers.

Mobile Executive Web Portfolio

The bottom line is you have an opportunity to put a cutting edge personal branding and marketing tool to work for your job hunt and career success that will absolutely impress the decision makers and executives with whom you're seeking to connect. It's your competitive edge that separates your personal brand from even the stiffest competition.

Only Linda and Imagemakers offer this pioneering innovation (along with forward thinking strategies) to our clients. We believe our visionary approach enables you to pivot, adapt and evolve. The sad truth is that most "resume writers" and "resume writing services" do business exactly the same way they did 20 years ago. Call Linda today and find your better way.

Take Control Of Your Online Presence

Created using the latest web technologies our Web Portfolios enable you to take full advantage of all the ways that a potential employer might view your career story and accomplishments including Desktop browsers, tablets and any smartphone with a mobile browser.

With your Web Portfolio you get to choose from 11 different themes using our Executive Career Portfolios™ site with your name (www.executivecareerportfolios.com/yourname) or, if you choose, your own name or other domain. All hosting is free for life.

Check out the live demos on our Executive Career Portfolios site to see how our web and Mobile Web Portfolios, along with our incredible executive resume writing and other services, can help you find your new position in less time than you ever thought possible.

The Executive/Professional Career Portfolio is an Imagemakers exclusive and a game changer for your personal brand so give Linda a call right now at 800-546-1543 and get started today.

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